Ozone Therapeutic Uses

Therapeutic Uses of Ozone Oxygen Therapies

When using medical ozone therapy, it is extremely important that you receive all the positive effects and not become dissatisfied from its use. It will work for you, if you apply it properly. The success of this depends on retaining the mixture of gas and allowing it to absorb through the colon.

If the large intestine needs cleaning, you will be unable to retain the gas and have to release it after a short period of time. As treatments progress you should be able to retain it for longer periods.

When medical ozone therapy is introduced into the rectal cavity it is called rectal insufflation. It is important to receive all the optimum benefits that it can deliver. If the large intestine is lined with debris it will not absorb.

The gas has to absorb through the intestinal walls during rectal insufflation for it to absorb into the bloodstream; therefore, the o3 is then carried through the circulatory system when the large intestine is clean.

Some people are using this therapy in the rectum (rectal insufflation) or vagina for 30 seconds, one to three times per day for the first week. It is best to do this immediately following an enema, a colonic treatment, or soon after a bowel movement.

A tiny tube is introduced a little way into the desired cavity which introduces up to half a liter of pure ozone in a humidified gas form. The gas then enters the bloodstream through the intestinal walls.

This process is painless and generally creates a sense of increased vitality and well being because the blood is being oxygenated and nourished.

The humidifier bottle is important when using medical ozone therapy in the vagina or rectum at concentrations of 27 to 32 mcg/ml. Oxidizing the skin tissue may result without the added moisture. When the gas is humidified, it is more effectively absorbed into the tissue. Generators with lower production levels are safe without the humidifier. Concentrations over 72 will inhibit healthy blood cells.

With the generator turned on and the gas flowing, a catheter is inserted anywhere from 2 to 3 inches. Apply vitamin E or K-Y Jelly to the catheter for lubrication when needed. The flow rate is set at 1/2 liter/minute, or 5 cc/min. Some prefer to reduce the flow rate to 1/32 liter/minute. This allows for higher levels and longer exposure times.

One can usually do a rectal insufflation applications for 30 minutes and a vaginal for 60 minutes at these low flow rates. The low flow method allows for a higher contact time, which increases the absorption of it throughout. It also saves on oxygen and helps prevent cramping.

In cases of high infection or candida, most start treatments with daily uses of 2 to 3 times for 30 days. Start with a 60 second approach, if you cannot hold it in, try the 30 seconds and work up to 60 seconds.

After 30 days most will revert to one a day if the large intestine is clean. For most, the fastest and most efficient way to loosen the encrusted debris is by irrigating the colon first.

The methods used for cleaning are called colonic, enemas, or high colonic irrigation. Colonics will help loosen the debris in the colon faster if ozone and hydrogen peroxide is used in the irrigation water.

As the activated oxygen is oxidizing the bad bacteria, candida, yeast and so forth in the large intestine, excessive gases may form. Try not to pass the gas soon after because it is usually the gas that is leaving. In cases where you cannot retain the gas, make sure you are near or on the throne.

When there is a heating sensation, the activated oxygen is oxidizing the germs. Heat may be more noticeable in the vagina and the ears. The heating sensation is only temporary.

Some may experience a minor rash or itch on the skin as the system is dumping out the toxins and going through the cleansing effect. Some will increase with their oxidative therapies for faster elimination of the accumulated debris.

When you increase your detoxification, you also need to increase your vitamin-mineral (especially electrolytes) supplements and vitamin E. Eating fresh vegetables and drinking lots of water will help flush out the waste from the intestines at a faster rate.

The method for absorbing ozone through the skin is by injecting it into a suit with only the head, hands and feet exposed. Plastic bag can be used for the arm, leg or foot and sealing it off tight with the tube inside.

Most will stay inside the suit for 30 minutes. Before getting in the bag or suit, it is best to take a warm shower and remain damp. This opens the pores and allows the gas to absorb at a much faster rate.

Some people use it in the ears for one minute each, three times a day, or three minutes in each ear, alternating every minute. This method is called auricular insufflation.

Some people with arthritis problems will fill a large container with warm water, large enough for the foot or hand and let the activated oxygen bubble under the limb for about five minutes. The warm water opens the pores allowing it to penetrate. After the first or second application, itching may occur in the area. You should experience movement without stiffness or pain soon after with minor arthritis problems.

Using ozonated steam in cabinets is currently being used around the world for alternative health by aesthetician, chiropractors, massage therapists, and other practitioners because they recognize this as a natural way to detoxify and cleanse. Ozonated steam stimulates circulation and increases the oxygen supply.

Ozonated olive oil has many therapeutic uses and benefits. It’s used as a topical application for dry skin and used as a beauty aid for wrinkles, and for treatment of sunburn. It can be inhaled directly when bubbled through the olive oil. Ozonated olive oil works when applied for cuts, bruises and other conditions.

Another method of inhalation in low concentrations is through room a air purifier. This method is the simplest for absorbing it into the lungs and circulatory system.

Lemon, orange and aloe vera juice can be ozonated for drinking or applications to the skin. By ozonating two cups of fresh lemon juice for six hours (use a large container because of the bubbles) has been used on all skin conditions like skin cancer, dry skin, psoriasis and ulcers.

Other topical applications have been used on bruises, burns, fistula, decubitus, gangrene, infections, muscle pains, radiation damage, and used to promote the healing of wounds.

Some physicians are injecting ozone directly into cancer tumors or into the muscle (Intra-muscular) for treating infections. Injecting it into the blood through the portal vein (Intra-arterial) may cause some adverse effects in some people. Another method, which purifies the blood of bacteria and infectious disease causing mycoplasmas, is called autohemotherapy. About 50 to 100 ml. is withdrawn and mixed with medical ozone and then reintroduced by intravenous drip back into the patient.

Ozone is a natural alternative to purify water. Research shows drinking ozonated water helps allergies, carcinoma, cold sores, candidiasis, headaches, gastritis, gum disease, mouth ulcers, thrush, ulcers; increases circulation, reduces infections after dental work, helps remove free radicals, helps colds, flu and virus, cleans wounds and minor bruises.

Drinking ozonated water also increases the oxygen level throughout and accelerates the healing process. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a natural by-product of most ozone oxidizing processes. Hydrogen peroxide is another great natural alternative for your health.

There are three methods used for administering hydrogen peroxide for detoxification; orally, intravenous and through colonic. These applications are called Oxidative Therapies. Diseases that have benefited from this oxidative therapy are heart and cardiovascular, pulmonary, infectious and immune diseases; in addition, Cancer, Parkinson and Alzheimer.

Some prefer a 25-day program of oral treatments using 35 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide for cleansing the body. They usually start with 3 drops mixed in an 8-ounce glass of un-chlorinated pure water, juice or milk and taken 3 times a day. Dosage is increased by 1 drop per day as they work up to 25 drops 3 times a day.

It is essential to provide your bodies with the necessary supplements during any oxygen therapy. Liquid nutrients will accelerate the efficiency of medical ozone therapy and stimulate the internal cleansing and healing process.

This is an old technology with a new beginning; especially, in the field of alternative health medicine. Its a natural alternative that could bring new life to everyone.