Ozone and Pollution

The Real Truth About Pollution and Activated Oxygen (Ozone)

The news media today refers to air pollution or smog as being excessive O3 levels. This has to be the most ridiculous publicized statements ever made. The majority of most misunderstands the difference between it and smog. It could do much to decontaminate our environment and relieve health-related problems that afflict us all.

Use a little common sense, logic, and reasoning in everything you read or hear because their misinformation on what is ozone is for a reason.

Pollution is defined as noxious chemicals or refuse that impairs purity. The two main sources of pollution are from automobiles and industry. Photochemical reaction takes place when these emissions, sunlight, moisture, and temperature combine in the right circumstances.

When this occurs a single oxygen atom is stripped off and out of the complex hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide molecules. The single oxygen atoms then combine with atmospheric oxygen to produce triatomic oxygen. After the stripping out of these singular oxygen atoms, come the bad radicals.

These compounds are the offensive ones with bad odors that cause respiratory problems and runny eyes. The most damaging radicals are nitrogen dioxide, nitric acid, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, carbonic acid and carbon monoxide. Activated oxygen will break down these radicals into safer compounds.

The largest source of contamination that no one seems to mention is chlorine. Chlorinated compounds are among the largest polluter in what we breathe. Whatever the chlorinated compounds are used in they will evaporate into the atmosphere.

The ones who report the levels in the larger cities supposedly use o3 monitors to determine the concentration levels during smog days. This is how they have concluded that ozone is smog.

When chlorine gas is in the atmosphere and passing through the monitor there will be a false or higher reading of the concentration levels. They may not have considered this when coming to their conclusion.

Some can be deceived while others can not; surely, anyone should be able to tell the difference between polluted and pure air.

Most pollution is caused by humans and natural sources like forest fires or volcano eruptions. The main pollutants in our environment are from synthetic chemicals, not allotropic oxygen. It by no means is it a pollutant.