Ozone Therapy

What is Ozone?

The ancient Hebrew meaning of “Ozone” is the “Breath of God“.

Webster defines “ozone” as:
1. Oxygen with a sharp, clean smell, produced by an electrical discharge in the atmosphere;
2. Pure air.

It is created naturally during thunder and lightning storms with concentration levels triple the allowable limit, as set by the EPA. It is created electronically or through ultraviolet light by converting molecules of oxygen into three molecules. Its also referred to as activated oxygen, allotropic oxygen or triatomic oxygen.

Being an unstable gas, its life is about 20 minutes, depending on the temperature. After completing its job, it reverts back to oxygen.

Ozone occurs naturally in the environment. In nature oxygen is released from plants and sea plankton during photosynthesis. Oxygen floats upward into the atmosphere and in turn is converted into activated oxygen by ultraviolet radiation. When you look up at the sky, the ozone layer is what makes it blue. It blocks out the harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer.

The production of allotropic oxygen is dependent on the amount of the suns energy. This explains the hole in the ozone layer over the poles in the winter months when there is a lack of sunshine.

Ozone has a distinctive smell that has been used to purify water since 1893. It can also be used in air conditioning for sanitation and to deodorize along with many medical applications. The first time ozone was used in food preservation was in the early 1900 in a Cologne meat packing house.

Activated oxygen is most essential in meeting the high demand for safe food, and with the extension of shelf-life will provide less waste of food products. Its use leaves no toxic by-products or residues and is non-carcinogenic. It is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, anti-tumor, antiviral and better for health.

Activated oxygen, being heavier than oxygen, is carried in down drafts into the lower atmosphere. As it falls it oxidizes any pollutant or contaminate with which it comes into contact, turning it into a safer compound.

Chlorine is the main compound that reduces the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere. When it comes into contact with water vapor during storms it forms hydrogen peroxide. This is why plants flourish better with rainwater than with irrigation water. This is natures way of cleaning the environment.

Natural concentrations can vary between .01 to .05 parts per million, depending on geographic location, altitude and season. The cycle of activated oxygen is just like the cycle of water in nature. It is created by waterfalls and oceans surf. This accounts for the calm and the relaxed feeling enjoyed while at the beach or in the mountains.

Triatomic oxygen is second only to fluoride as the most powerful oxidizer or oxidant in the world for sanitation. It’s the most powerful, natural sanitizer readily available. It will break down most chemicals into that chemicals basic naturally-occurring component parts. After time they are eventually broken down into h2o, carbon dioxide, sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen.